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      100 sqm home designs with light and airy decor, plus the intriguing glass partitions of a pocket door kitchen and a closet/ensuite...
      Luxury interior with a dividing courtyard design, unique bookcases, and an enviable master bedroom layout with walk-in wardrobe an...
      A colourful modern home interior filled with modern art, bright living spaces, colourful furniture and cool kids’ rooms. Includes ...
      Small home plans with small space solutions, including an integrated kitchen island/dining table design, bespoke bathroom furnitur...
      From wood flooring to classic use of natural light to muted, neutral furnishings, this home is a calming oasis that's ready to pro...
      Affordable 3d floor plan design service from Home Designing.
      Luxuriously decorated single bedroom apartments.
      These one-bedroom apartments use efficient floor plans and neutral colors to maximize spaciousness.
      These small apartments offer color inspiration for small spaces: bright red, luxurious brown, and even seafoam green.
      A house tour of a super-compact space in Russia, compartmentalised by a central wooden frame. Under 50sqm, it shows how to make th...
      House with front lawn

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