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      Tag Archives: contemporary
      While the use of wood in any home is not itself unique, the way in which these four spaces use the natural beauty of wood grain to...




      Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's $14 million apartment at Manhattan's One Madison. Look inside here.
      A refreshing home decor scheme with fresh blasts of blue and yellow color with the furniture and accessories.
      A beautifully decorated, city based family apartment with 'smart home' functionality.
      Four sets of beautiful home design with lovely touches for practical living.
      Two designs for the same space that explore what can be achieved when using budgets at opposite ends of the scale.
      3D artis Koj creates a series of sleek, contemporary spaces just begging to come to life.
      Portico Design Group creates interiors with a distinctly clean and modern aesthetic but incorporates pops of colors beautifully fo...
      Modern kitchen designs for large and small spaces by Italian designer Scavolini.
      How to add a softer touch to cold contemporary interiors, using pattern, color and twinkle.
      Gorgeous interior and architectural visualizations to feast your eyes upon!
      House with front lawn

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