Interior Design Ideas Inspirational Interior Design Ideas Tue, 10 Aug 2021 09:21:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Interior Design Ideas 32 32 51 Spiral Staircase Designs That Build A Unique Twist Wed, 11 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Often, spiral staircases are installed simply as a way to combat the issue of limited space, since they typically take up less room than a straight set. Thanks to their curvaceous shape, they are also more suited to a more centralised position without causing an awkward break in a free-flowing layout. With that said, the spiral staircase designs that we’re looking at here are either big in impact or huge in their elegant modern stature. We’ll be taking a look at narrow wheels that explode with colour, style and innovation, some larger spirals and helical staircases that cut extraordinarily beautiful and sculptural silhouettes into their surroundings, plus a selection of colossal feats of magnificent engineering.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

A cool cascade. This solid swirling white balustrade breaks into a cascade of concrete at its base, where heavy treads appear to float absolutely weightlessly.

Visualizer: Guliaeva Interiors  

Turn up the heat to amp up the colour. Tempered steel shimmers an incredible shade of deep purple with rainbow flares, which makes this heat-treated balustrade into a startling focal piece within a subdued monochrome setting.

Designer: Ab Rogers Design  

If you’re hungry for even more colour, then step up your bright spiral staircase design with a graduated rainbow finish around the winders.

Designer: Tetrarc Architects  

Looking like it has burst from the swirling sky of Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream, this artistic freeform staircase is striped with eye-catching cuts of colour.

Visualizer: Ibrahim Beqiri  

Rails of red. Bright red treads hang free of risers in this fabulously unique spiral staircase design, which is suspended above a contrasting green courtyard with its own stepped border. Colour coordinated furniture rallies a supporting palette nearby.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Melted gold. This seductive staircase design drips a luxurious melt of gold through a light-filled stairwell, where sunrays accentuate its magnificently rich lustre.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Like a pristine play on Picasso’s Girl with a Mandolin, this abstract modern staircase combines curves with the cubism of straight closed risers and boxed landing areas.

Visualizer: Norman Studio  

Layers of luxury. An eye-catching feature wall or a bespoke floor to ceiling bookcase makes the ideal tall accompaniment to an elegant spiral staircase installation.

Visualizer: VizLine Studio  

Snail shell chic. The indents underneath this fabulous wheeling staircase installation create the aesthetic of an unravelling snail shell.

Architect: Rockwell Group   Visualizer: Anna Doynikova  

Rising like a tendril of exhaled smoke, the wind of this slinky staircase is showcased within a chimney of alluring atmospheric light.

Visualizer: Lulu Lee  

Curvaceous complements. Not only is this wooden spiral staircase finished with artfully crafted adjoining curves to its mezzanine, but the living room furniture imitates its grace in curvaceous silhouettes below.

Visualizer: Felix Meyer  

Clean meets complexity in a fresh white, minimalist spiral staircase concept.

Visualizer: Unemori Architects  

Maximise light in a limited space with an open tread, small spiral staircase. This piece has a pause in the slimline balustrade halfway up to give access to a partially elevated room.

Source: Hi-Macs  

A twist in the tale. This helical staircase is constructed with one solid side and one glass side to create an exaggerated twist.

Designer: Jannina Cabal & Arquitectos  

The tighter twist. Here, we step away from the loose helical to an uber tight torsion. A glossy black finish dramatises the piece.

Designer: Di Frenna Arquitectos  

Matt black and meandering, a stretched helical staircase dominates a wide open floor plan in an expression of complete professionalism.

Designer: CCD  

A bronze beauty enchants a double height living space with dark, lustrous allure. A wall of glass bricks allows light to enter behind the construction to further illuminate the show.

Visualizer: Damir Fattakhov  

A colour blocked caracol staircase can be achieved with contrasting treads that cut through to the back of the wind.

Designer: Oscar Niemeyer  

The monumental modernist stairs in Palácio Itamaraty by Brazilian legend Oscar Niemeyer.

Designer: The Stonemasonry Company  

Created in contemporary French limestone, this is the world’s first freestanding, 320-degree stone staircase, built by The Stonemasonry Company for a private house in Cheshire.

Visualizer: Sabrab  

Life is full of twists and turns, so why not your staircase? Handrails roam free of balustrades here to fully let loose on those curves.

Designer: YYDG Interiors  

Another disconnected design works with two different materials to accentuate twin twisted tracks.

Designer: Joa Interior  

Boxed edges draw focus to the widest ends of wooden winders here, which make the staircase appear as a piece of intricately crafted furniture.

Designer: Hypothesis Design Agency  

Stepping stones. Step off your staircase onto a pebbled bed–or at least create the illusion of doing so with a bridging tread over a textured floor treatment that’s confined within a suitably rounded border.

Designer: Powerhouse Company  

A different kind of rounded stone bed is achieved here, with stone tiles cut on their axis to create textural contrast. A rounded stone wall encases the stairwell to exaggerate the effect.

Designer: RT+Q  

Create a welcoming highlight. Underlit handrails draw a ribbon of warming illumination that highlights a curving staircase from base to brow.

Designer: OYO Architects  

Perfectly polished. A combo of smooth wood and polished stone builds a sophisticated statement.

Designer: Tommy Rand  

A Danish architect and developer built a house for himself and his family in Denmark, which features a spectacular spiral staircase design that’s made from a staggering 630 pieces of CNC-cut plywood.

Visualizer: Sipal-Wafai.Architecture  

Curves and core courtyards. An open core is just begging to be filled with an eye-catching focal piece, so why not make it a piece of mother nature’s own architecture with a layered courtyard design.

Visualizer: Kris Ashley  

This remarkable spiral staircase and courtyard combination tucks textured greenery all the way around the base to peek through the bottom treads.

Visualizer: Paul Cocksedge  

The halfway hangout. When a spiral staircase is this big, you might as well make a pitstop. Add some shapely benches where creative colleagues can hang out and collaborate within the inspiring surroundings.

Visualizer: Adam Klich  

A low hanging chandelier adds an elegant column of illumination down the centre of a spiralled ascent. Glass sided balustrades allow the glow to pass all the way through, safely highlighting the twisting treads underfoot.

Designer: Park Associates  

Make waves with a water feature. The sound of rippling water will carry all the way up the open stairwell to the second floor to create a serene connection across all levels.

Designer: Risa Meyer  

Tactile twists. Cut deep at the risers and shallow underneath, this columnar design is pieced together with hundreds of layers that you just can’t help but want to touch.

Visualizer: Vipul Gaur  

Another chandelier bejewelled spiral, where luxurious black marble steps cut darkly and LED ribbons shine bright.

Visualizer: Jacek Pilarski  

With an ET sucked up in a tractor beam, we know we’ve gone space age now. Spaceship-like moulded sides encapsulate a futuristic staircase that would look at home on Star Trek… Or in a cool white minimalist pad invaded by Smart Home add-ons and cutting-edge furniture design.

Visualizer: Straw Design  

Named the Interstellar stairs, optical illusion and awe-inspiring symmetry orbit a core that suggests a floating celestial body.

Visualizer: Jamie Cardoso  

Wooden vertebrae make an enormous snaking backbone, like the fossilised remains of an ancient serpent.

Visualizer: Cun Design  

Stacked like thatched straw but as strong as a house of bricks, this extraordinary construction is unfathomable both in scale and in strength.

Designer: parametric.arch  

Contoured fins mould a freeform outer shell around regular treads and risers here, creating a truly amazing design piece where there could have stood mundanity.

Designer: Smart Design Studio  

Spinning out from a central column, steps emerge like wide propellor blades, charged with energy.

Designer: HMA architects & designers  

In the community focussed M.I. bookstore in Harbin, China, HMA architects & designers conceived a colossal staircase design and various spatial experiences that all centre around a love for books.

Designer: Amin Taha Architects  

Material contradiction. An unfeasibly lightweight wireframe column forms the heart of a solid stone staircase, fashioning an interesting contradiction in visual weight.

Designer: Leonardo da Vinci   

This exquisitely detailed spiral is Leonardo da Vinci’s double helix staircase, built in 1520. You can find it inside of the Chateau de Chambord in France.

Visualizer: Jianxiong Liu  

Stacked to the rafters. This wood framed spiralling construction features open sided book stacks that provide colour both inside and outside of the enormous stairwell.

Designer: Disguincio & Co   Visualizer: Giuliano Primi  

Jogging up and down these stairs would be a little like jumping out of a jet plane… Sleek white streamlined metal spinning from view, and not totally safe.

Visualizer: Andrew McConnell  

Is it a cool balustrade of a dinosaur rib cage? Either way, it would look totally awesome next to a fierce recreation of a velociraptor.

Visualizer: Patrick Jouin  

Petals of solid wood flower into a naturally beautiful spiral design.

Designer: Thor ter Kulve and Robert McIntyre  

The stuff treehouse dreams are made of. Canopystair is a modular system that attaches around a tree trunk without the use of tools to form an exterior spiral staircase. The system is lightweight and designed to leave the tree free of any damage or marks.

Designer: Lucjan Kuc, QC Architects  

Railway sleepers stack up a chunky wood grain finish.

Designer: B PIù s.r.l.  

Amazingly, this unusual piece begins its day as an ordinary (extremely tall) chest of drawers. With the push of a button, the chest of drawers swivels out to form a spiral staircase– storage and space saving ingenuity in one.

See the stairs in action here:

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51 LED Desk Lamps For Stylish Everyday Productivity Tue, 10 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 LED offers an abundance of advantages when it comes to task lighting. First, it’s more energy efficient and the bulbs run cooler for better comfort at your workspace. The technology also offers greater potential for adjustability, with many LED lamps allowing for on-the-fly adjustability for color temperature and intensity. And in many cases, today’s smart LED arrays also allow for unique lamp forms that would be impossible with traditional bulbs. We’ve collected a compilation of designer-quality LED desk lamps from around the web – something for every style and every workflow.

$753BUY IT

Louis Poulsen Yuh LED Desk Lamp: The sculptural Yuh lamp by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi is a true work of modern artwork for the desk. The angular shade can be raised or lowered to meet your specific lighting requirements, casting glare-free illumination across your workspace.

$399BUY IT

Minimalist LED Desk Lamp: Smooth continuous construction simplifies and redefines the standard desk lamp format. The beautiful Tip table lamp by Jens Fager features subtle adjustability, with the angle and the brightness of the lighting easily adjustable to suit the task at hand.


LED Desk Lamp with Marble Base: For a more traditional look, this handsome Jonathan Y table lamp boasts a timeless combination of brass and solid marble. The included LED bulb casts soft warm illumination but can be replaced with your own choice of bulb – even smart bulbs.

$199BUY IT

Menu Phare LED Desk Lamp: Designed by Stanislaw Czarnocki for Menu, the Phare LED desk lamp is rechargeable so that it can be used without a power outlet. Take it with you to cast gentle illumination across your desk, your dining table, beside the bed, or wherever you find inspiration.

$174BUY IT

LED Desk Lamp with Concrete Base: Glamorous and industrial themes meet in the Layla table lamp by Hudson Valley. This gorgeous design features a concrete base for excellent stability, the shade gently curved for gentle but direct illumination. This piece is compatible with dimmer components to provide even more control.

$114BUY IT

Jellyfish LED Desk Lamp: This unique desk lamp combines Art Deco sophistication with modern technology. The glossy black lamp shade conceals a small LED array, the light travelling down the acrylic base to give the illusion of illumination from within. Use this piece to enhance the ambiance of your study space or work desk.

$135BUY IT

Solid Wood LED Desk Lamp: Wood desk lamps provide a warm and welcoming alternative in a product category often defined by metal. This piece is handcrafted from solid wood, fitted with an integrated LED array and touch-sensitive dimmer. Use to complement a range of decor themes from mid-century modern to industrial and more.


Balancing Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp: With its weighty octagonal base and lightweight LED array, this unique desk lamp appears to defy gravity through a creative balancing act. Touch-sensitive controls allow you to control the lighting across four levels of brightness. Adjust the angle simply by balancing the lamp on various edges of the octagon.


Adjustable Wood LED Desk Lamp: Enjoy the warm touch of natural wood without sacrificing exceptional adjustability with this unique handcrafted desk lamp. Simply adjust the dowels to create your ideal illumination angle. This piece is available in three versatile finish options.


Minimalist Wood LED Desk Lamp: This beautifully handmade desk lamp features touch-sensitive controls glued between the layers of bent plywood, allowing for a smooth minimalistic look without any distracting buttons. Plug into your nearest USB and enjoy streamlined lighting anywhere in the home.


Unique Magnetic LED Desk Lamp: Mix work and play with a creatively constructed Heng lamp. Rather than utilizing an ordinary switch to turn on the light, this piece features magnets embedded in balls of wood. The light turns on when the magnets are brought together – and then they hang in a whimsical, gravity-defying balance. Simply move the magnets apart to turn the light off.

$345BUY IT

Pablo LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Clamp lamps are a fantastic space-saving solution for tables and desks – securing to the edge rather than taking up surface area on the top. This beautiful design by Dana Cannam is crafted from natural wood, the clamp pads lined with leather to protect your table. The colorful cord adds a touch of modern style.

$995BUY IT

Leucos Leva LED Table Lamp: Massimo Iosa Ghini created a brilliant marriage of adjustability and natural appeal with the wooden Leva Evo desk lamp. A flat LED array provides beautifully even light, while expert architecture allows for endless positioning possibilities.


Portable Modern LED Desk Lamp: This portable LED lamp can follow you from work to adventure to relaxation all with its smart multipurpose design. Set this piece on its base to provide directional lighting at the desk, use the base as a handle to use as a soft flashlight while on the move, or expand the body like a paper lantern to provide gentle ambient illumination.


A-Frame Wooden LED Desk Lamp: This charming LED desk lamp sits on an a-frame base, the light box able to swivel around in whichever direction you want. Point directly at your work surface to illuminate the task at hand or point directly upward for environmental lighting instead.

$1211BUY IT

Marset LED Desk Lamp with Wood Shade: Utilizing a traditional silhouette, the Ginger Table Lamp by Marset provides functional LED lighting with a timeless aesthetic. Materials take center stage – the honed wood shade and matte metal finishes allow the quality of craft to shine through with clarity.

$295BUY IT

Red Bellhop Portable LED Desk Lamp: Cordless and conveniently rechargeable, the handy Bellhop LED desk lamp provides high-end style with excellent portability. This piece features a sleek bell-shaped design in a luxuriously glossy finish, the warm direct lighting allowing for late-night productivity without any eyestrain.

$385BUY IT

Muuto Leaf LED Desk Lamp: Leaf is a playful LED desk lamp by design duo Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstr?le, its organic asymmetric shape intended to present a friendly first impression. Select from a range of matte finishes to suit even the most modern office themes.

$192BUY IT

LED Desk Lamp with Yellow Shade: Created by French designer Inga Sempé for Hay, the Matin table lamp combines contemporary LED functionality with a clever pleated shade – an homage to sophisticated classic lamp styles. In addition to the playful yellow pictured here, this piece is also available in nearly every color of the rainbow.


Cactus Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp: Bring a playful touch of nature to your desk or study space with this charming cactus-shaped desk lamp and pencil holder combination. The gooseneck design makes it easy to direct the light right where you need it. This piece is rechargeable and portable for on-the-go illumination.

$132BUY IT

Jaime Hayón Portable LED Desk Lamp: Prolific designer Jaime Hayón drew inspiration from mushrooms for the Setago LED desk lamp – a unique portable design that balances work and play in every detail. A small brass dimmer switch allows the brightness to be adjusted.

$304BUY IT

Foscarini Binic LED Desk Lamp: The charming Binic LED desk lamp is a design by Ionna Vautrin, named after a lighthouse in her hometown and inspired by the shape of nautical windsocks. This charming design casts directed illumination much like a spotlight, perfect for task lighting in the office or around the home.

$445BUY IT

Herman Miller Ode LED Desk Lamp: London-based designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created the Ode desk lamp with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and refined aesthetics. This piece features a spun steel shade that directs the illumination cast by its anti-glare LED array, providing even lighting across the workspace. Simply tap the base or the stem to adjust the brightness. Choose from a white or black finish.

$500BUY IT

Circa LED Desk Lamp: The humble task lamp has been smartly refined with Circa by luxury lighting studio Pablo. Where you might expect an ordinary shade, this piece instead features a streamlined disk embedded with glare-free LEDs – tilt this piece freely to adjust the direction of the lighting. This piece is available in white and grey.

$395BUY IT

Flos Tab White LED Desk Lamp: British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created the Tab LED desk lamp to provide a chic modern take on the classic banker’s lamp silhouette. The aluminum body is outfitted with a soft porcelain reflector that can be adjusted on the fly to direct the lighting right where you need it most.


White Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: This charming LED lamp is a friend you can depend on – a great way to brighten your workspace while also brightening your mood. This piece features a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it with you.

$109BUY IT

Wooden Giraffe LED Desk Lamp: Timeless wood construction meets playful styling with this handmade giraffe-inspired LED desk lamp design. Adjust the shape to create the perfect lighting experience.


Wooden Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: This friend-shaped lamp can be adjusted to mimic the mannerisms of a real dog – sitting up, laying down, ready to play – all while allowing for smart directional lighting to suit your current task. This piece would make a fun gift for a student or dog lover.


Adjustable Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: Here is another dog-shaped lamp, this time with a square lampshade for a smart retro look. Select from three wood finishes to best suit your decor preferences.


Wooden Dinosaur LED Desk Lamp: Attractively sculpted from start to finish, this playful LED desk lamp is shaped like a cute t-rex with endless adjustability options. This piece features touch-activated controls for power and brightness.


Wood and Brass LED Desk Lamp: Mid-century modern styling meets contemporary technology with this super-sleek LED desk lamp. A brass base provides a glamorous counterbalance to the comforting wood LED housing, a timeless combination of materials for a sophisticated workspace.

$1699BUY IT

Theia M LED Desk Lamp: The sculptural Theia M lamp is a Marset design inspired by the sun and moon. This piece features an LED array hidden beneath a glare-free diffuser, a glass shade softening the light toward the top while allowing clear illumination to fall upon the table below. Swivel the face to enjoy direct task lighting or ambient lighting to suit your needs.


Brass Globe USB LED Desk Lamp: Made to look like a traditional globe-style lamp, this piece provides modern adjustability with a classic look. Select from a number of LED brightness settings for a customized lighting experience.

$299BUY IT

Minimalist Gold LED Desk Lamp: This design by Astro Lighting refines the LED desk lamp to its most basic form. This piece features a stable base, a slender body, and a cylinder-shaped shade component that can be tilted 90 degrees and rotated with a 330 degree range of motion. Select from gold, white, or black matte finishes.


Traditional-Style Brass LED Desk Lamp: Perfect for mid-century and traditional office themes, this Adesso lamp offers a classic look with all the advantages of modern LED technology. A switch in the base makes it easy to select from 5 color temperatures while a built-in USB port allows you to conveniently charge your devices while you work.

$111BUY IT

LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad: This beautiful brass and black LED desk lamp features a long adjustable arm to provide direct over-task lighting for clear directed illumination. The base includes a built-in USB charging port, and the surface also doubles as a wireless charging dock for Qi-compatible phones.

$150BUY IT

Glam Spiral Gold LED Desk Lamp: Looking for something with artistic appeal? This spiral-shaped desk lamp features a sculptural shape that twists upward, one side finished in gold and the other boasting a smooth integrated LED array. Use a design like this one to provide even ambient lighting at your workspace.


Spiral-Shaped Modern LED Desk Lamp: This spiral-shaped LED desk lamp is available with gold or silver detailing for modern coordination possibilities. Simply touch the surface of this lamp to cycle between brightness settings for a tailored illumination experience.


Twist LED Desk Lamp: This simple twist-shaped LED desk lamp is well-suited for smaller work surfaces where you might not have space for a larger lamp design. The non-slip base ensures secure placement.

$135BUY IT

Minimalist Curved LED Desk Lamp: Beautifully simple design allows this LED desk lamp to suit even the most minimalistic workspace themes. Work without distraction – this piece leans smoothly over the work surface to provide focused yet directed illumination. Touch the gorgeous wooden stand to adjust brightness.


Magnetic Mini LED Desk Lamp: This creative desk lamp design features a magnetic base, allowing the angle of the light to be adjusted in a clever and fun-to-use way. This piece does not come with the LED bulb included, allowing you to select your own preferred light temperature and intensity.


Folding Rose Gold LED Desk Lamp: Perfect for small spaces, this rechargeable LED desk lamp folds away neatly between uses – throw it in your laptop case or backpack for convenient illumination on the go.

$254BUY IT

Koncept Designer LED Desk Lamp : Koncept is a luxury lighting brand that emphasizes industrial aesthetics and precision engineering. The Equo LED desk lamp features an exceptionally thin body for a lightweight look, the lamp carefully counterbalanced to provide illumination that stretches across your workspace.

$330BUY IT

Pablo Superlight LED Desk Lamp: The sleek and modern Superlight LED desk lamp by Pablo is a fully streamlined design made with pure functionality in mind. A full range of motion allows for custom-tailored lighting, while the bright base color options allow for creative coordination possibilities.

$1993BUY IT

Copernica Adjustable LED Desk Lamp: Copernica is an LED desk lamp by Ramirez i Carrillo that draws functional inspiration from Alexander Calder’s iconic mobiles – tilt the shade with only the lightest touch and enjoy the full 360-degree rotation of the arm for flexible directed illumination.


Highly Adjustable LED Desk Lamp: Cycle between four color temperatures and seven brightness levels to create the perfect LED lighting situation for your specific preferences. This adjustable LED desk lamp swivels, rotates, and bends for excellent versatility. Use the built-in USB charging port to keep your devices topped up as you work.


Wooden LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Gooseneck lamps allow for endless positioning possibilities, ideal for those with highly specific illumination requirements. This piece features chunky wood elements for a creative look, outfitted with a wooden clamp for secure placement at the edge of a table or shelf.


LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Clamp lamps like this one are ideal for small workspaces, small desks, and unconventional arrangements. Simply clamp the lighting to any sufficiently thin surface to keep your workspace clean and clear. This piece features stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature functionality.


LED Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan: This convenient LED desk lamp includes a bit of unconventional functionality – a bladeless fan built right into the base, allowing you to keep cool without the noise of a standard fan.


Gooseneck OttLite LED Desk Lamp: OttLite’s FlexNeck desk lamp provides excellent flexibility for directed task lighting in any environment. Choose from three brightness settings. This piece illuminates with a daylight tone – ideal for creative tasks that require color accuracy.

$753BUY IT

Artemide Equilibrist LED Desk Lamp: With its double-ended design, the beautiful Equilibrist desk lamp by Artemide is ideal for large home workspaces where you may need to move around the table as you tackle various tasks. Each side operates on separate dimmer switches for a customized lighting experience.

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A Peaceful Japanese House Surrounded By Greenery [Video] Mon, 09 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Abundant greenery surrounds this peaceful Japanese house in Hiroshima city, created by Hayato Komatsu Architects. The house belongs to its designer, who embraced the irregularities of the site, which is made shady by a large tunnel and retaining wall that penetrates Mt. Eba. At first glance, the site and surrounding area appeared undesirable. However, the dense greenery that overspills from the landscape takes away the typical urban atmosphere. Instead, the obscure location created an opportunity for a home design that connects the lush environment with modern architecture. Living spaces have been raised 4m above ground level to take in the view, where a complementary relationship between the new garden and surrounding specimens mesh as one spectacular scene.

The intricate exterior of the Enami house, and its multi level garden, overlaps the scenery of the southwestern part of Mt. Eba.

The meld between mountain and architecture changes the cityscape, as it embraces the spread surrounding greenery.

Constructed in an arc, the architecture echoes the rise of the mountain, and the hollow of the tunnel that runs through it. Elevated gardens reconstruct the spill of plants over the mountaintop.

The unique home design successfully extends the beauty of the natural landscape rather than disrupting it.

The front entrance is nestled within two of the tallest fins that form the vertebrae of the house. The fins protrude forward to build privacy around the door and windows of the house, and to create shade from direct sunlight.

Inside the modern Japanese home, we find a light filled open layout that unfolds beneath the warmth of exposed wooden ceiling beams. The airy space was designed as a place for family to gather and spend quality time together.

In order to connect the living room with the best views of the surrounding environment, the living room had to be raised over four metres from ground surface. Entire walls of glass open up the living room to the green panorama of the mountainside.

A terrace has been built around the second floor boundary, on which to bed a plant-filled border that’s defined as the “garden” of this extraordinary home.

The garden terrace is where the relationship between environment and architecture truly takes hold, as the view of the garden overlaps with the more distant panorama to form the perception of a deep landscape.

The elevated garden has a gantry structure of different depths. It protrudes into the southeast direction, where the trees become sunlit. The branches grow a soft screen between the interior of the house and its neighbours.

The living room is dipped ever so slightly below the height of the terrace floor, which gives it a cosily cocooned atmosphere. An L-shaped sectional sofa draws around the edge of the lounge, beneath the glass. Relaxed, two-tone upholstery ties with the cool grey concrete decor elements and the square coffee table, whilst a brown leather section complements the warm wood tone in the room.

Black steel window frames and a black powder coated balustrade offset the light golden warmth of the wooden elements.

An inviting red area rug zones the lounge, defining it from the adjacent kitchen and dining space.

Built-in shelves climb all the way to the high ceiling, providing plenty of room for books and treasured items to be stored out on display.

A myriad of planters scatter across the second floor terrace, adding lush layers. Storm lanterns glow softly between the low hanging leaves at night.

Behind the kitchen island, a wall of glass cabinets reflect the sunlight and the garden vista.

A glass vase brings a sprig of garden greenery to the simple dining table arrangement.

Industrial styling gives the home a contemporary edge.

Each small corner of the home is populated with plant life. A hanging planter adds greenery to the small powder room, and a container of tumbling leaves soften the void that vertically connects the entryway to the second floor.

Ceramic vases and decorative bowls adorn the top of the industrial kitchen design with intriguing silhouettes and texture.

Darkly tinted glass doors conceal kitchen clutter from plain view.

The sliding glass doors open all the way up to make kitchen accessories easily accessible during meal prep times.

A chrome faucet brightens the grey concrete kitchen island.

A modern fruit bowls brings colour to the countertop.

The industrial staircase design carries a split wood and metal aesthetic.

Solid wooden treads build the base stairs, whilst open metal treads allow light to penetrate the upper half.

The bedrooms are located down on the shaded ground floor.

A family bathroom is situated next to the private rooms.

The bedrooms are minimalistic spaces in which to rest, sleep and peacefully rejuvenate. Clerestory windows keep the bedrooms entirely private from the street.

Family time blossoms where there is light and nature.

Blue bedroom accents freshly connect with the skyscape that passes by the high windows. Recessed shelving units are installed high in the walls too, keeping visual clutter raised away from the beds.

A large home workspace benefits from the uplifting green views, with the desk placed up against a large window.

An entire wall of windows brings sunlight spilling into the rest of the home office, where a modern chair is set up for a spot of relaxation.

Subtle perimeter lighting illuminates the modern bathroom scheme.

Birds-eye view of the property in its built-up urban surroundings.

Check out the home tour video:

Be sure to subscribe to Home Designing on Youtube for regular architecture and design videos.

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Product Of The Week: Cute And Quirky Astronaut Figurines Sun, 08 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Meditating on the moon and playing sports on spacewalks, these quirky little astronaut figurines are totally out of this world!






Get it here.

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Vivid Variations Of Red And Green Accent Decor Fri, 06 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 It’s an uncommon combo for a two colour accent scheme, but the vibrant clash of red and green is one that pays off in spades when balanced in the correct tones. The three home interiors that we focus on here deliver the red and green decor palette in a variety of combinations. Our first featured home design is a rich rush of deep vermillion elements that encircle teal and pea green accent pieces amidst a sea of freshening white. The power of the white backdrop prevails inside the elegant and artistically executed burgundy and sage accented scheme of tour number two, and in our final modern interior that comes alive under bright beats of the contrasting palette.

Designer: Nazarius Shore  

Red spiral stairs twist up through the red and green living room of this 96 square metre property, located in Lviv, Ukraine. The feature staircase takes on a sculptural appearance under its solid vermillion finish.

A teal green sofa creates a rich colour clash against the colourful staircase treatment. A glass coffee table on castors carries a neutral aesthetic with a quirky, modern edge.

A unique floor lamp reflects the colours of the room in its thick chrome stem. A leather lounge chair beds a black anchor point by the wide window.

Light grey flooring falls away into the peripheral of the palette, allowing the bolder pieces to shine.

Hefty coffee table books fill a light reflective glass side table by the sheer white window dressing.

Off-white and pale grey microcement finishes smooth out a modern hallway decor scheme, where mirrored closets increase the sense of space and light.

Vertical tiles follow a slightly curved wall shape toward the front door. Decorative wall hooks dot the light ceramic.

The kitchen diner scheme ignites the taste buds with an appetite inducing ketchup red and pea green decor palette. Modern red dining chairs encircle a matching round dining table. A single wall of solid green cabinets colour the kitchen.

The green kitchen installation is momentarily interrupted by a window of workspace, which is encased within a recycled glass countertop and backsplash.

One green cabinet conceals an appliance housing unit to keep the run solid and simplified.

A wall of glass blocks shares natural light between the living room and a small powder room.

In the bedroom, a curved teal green surround cosily cocoons the head of the bed with an arrangement of neat bedside ledges and overhead shelving.

Small swing arm wall lights extend a chrome accent on either side of the bright red comforter.

In the corner of the bedroom, a mosaic of white tiles finishes a unique modern desk design. A fresh white office chair complements the clean look.

A round interior window frames a wide vignette of the home workspace on the landing.

An ultra small sink design and a wall mounted soap dispenser tackle the lack of space in the downstairs powder room.

The glass block wall causes pretty light play across the tiny cloakroom.

A distorted view of the living room staircase, via the obscure glass, creates watery red contrast with a wall hung green toilet.

Teal tilework colourfully encases the upstairs bathroom.

A frameless round vanity mirror almost disappears in the sea of dark tiles around the custom basin.

Moments of white tilework compose clean frames around doorways that define the shower and bathtub wet zone and the entryway.

Lower and upper floor plans.

Visualizer: 小主 小主  

Our second home tour takes place in an elegant and artistically executed burgundy and sage green accented interior.

Deep burgundy scatter cushions contrast richly with the ??sage tufted sofa. A solid burgundy painted canvas sets up a dramatic backdrop.

A black marble side table steps up the luxe. A chic lamp tops the tinted glass table with a clean white shade, which melds quietly with the surrounding wall colour.

The area rug lays down a plush white and pale grey streaked base for the lounge arrangement.

The modern area rug texturally softens a microcement floor treatment.

An arched doorway links gracefully into the next space. A round coffee table complements the architectural curve.

A floating tv stand introduces another shapely curve opposite the sofa, whilst an arched chandelier creates a visual anchor for the small dining table.

Glass flower vases add a simple yet decorative touch to the table.

Inside the bedroom, an upholstered burgundy headboard is mounted onto green colour blocked decor to create stylish contrast. Burgundy closets rise at one side of the room, whilst green drapes balance out the opposite end. A bedroom area rug transfers the green accent to the floor.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: K&B partners  

Our final home tour takes us to Odessa, Ukraine. This small modern apartment comes alive under bright beats of contrasting colour.

Whilst red throw pillows blend with the upholstered sofa, a yellow ochre throw brings contrast to the lounge palette. A geometric rug layers in an element of pattern that complements areas of textured tiling on partition walls at either side.

A green shelving unit is inset across the structural divide to provide an exciting moment of colour contradiction by the red sofa.

Geometric floor tiles lay an optical illusion along the hallway of the apartment. Louvre doors add interest to the entryway closet.

A custom-made desk and cabinet set builds green colour blocking across the front of the lounge space, which doubles as media storage beneath the TV.

A run of kitchen base cabinets form a buffet by the dining set, where two red dining chairs brighten up the white and wood arrangement.

LED ribbons highlight the bright accent hues.

More green cabinetry builds a fresh looking breakfast bar, which takes on a tropical essence under a built-in bed of indoor plants. A red kitchen backsplash colourfully balances out the opposite side of the space.

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A Modern Waterfront Villa With A Deck To Die For [Video] Thu, 05 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 On an elevated south-facing plot of over 1000 square metres, this superb modern property is carved into the rockface in Camp de Mar, Mallorca, Spain. Designed by E5 Holding, the villa itself has a constructed area of 394 square metres over two levels. Villa Statera features a variety of large open and covered terraces and a roof terrace to take in mesmerising views of the Mediterranean Sea. A facade of continuous floor-to-ceiling windows melds the sparkling waterfront panorama with the interior of the home too, which features an upside-down layout with the main living space spread across the top floor and bedrooms located below. Full floor plans and a walkthrough video are included at the end.

Clean geometric lines shape the modern home design, creating a facade of elegant simplicity. At night, the glass-walled facade comes alive with soft interior lighting. Exterior lights dramatically illuminate the rugged rock face.

The linear fa?ade is capped with a slatted overhanging roof that causes symmetrical shadows to fall upon the floor in an illusionary decked effect. The floor-to-ceiling push-button windows effortlessly adjoin the indoor and outdoor living spaces, achieving an expanded sense of space.

The fresh interior design for Villa Statera, created by Terraza Balear, is a clean concept of linearity to complement the architecture of the home. The decor is executed in a natural palette that melds with the surrounding environment of the beachside abode and incorporates high-end brands like B&B Italia, and a designer kitchen by Poliform.

An L-shaped sofa pulls away from the glazed walls, forming a cosy arrangement around a modern fireplace that is purely decorative in the warmer months. Scatter cushions layer a warm pop of orange onto two grey-blue lounge chairs and the pale contemporary sofa. Decorative vases bring a sprig of greenery to a simple modern sofa table.

A blue accent colour threads through the living room area rug, complementing the blue horizon beyond the wide windows.

The open layout living room is situated on the top floor of the house in order to fully capitalise on the spectacular views. The dining area is arranged along the window wall so that it may be opened up to the terrace.

Slimline dining room pendant lights illuminate the dining table without obscuring the panorama or cutting the connection with the outdoor living space.

A table centrepiece of candles keeps a low profile.

Black kitchen bar stools darkly contrast against the pure white kitchen island. A wooden breakfast bar creates warm, textural contrast against the glossy countertop.

Outdoor furniture by Dedon provides stylish comfort.

A soft colour palette of natural tones connects each living space, inside and out.

Downstairs by the bedrooms, a small relaxation area with cane hanging chairs is connected to a private terrace with an open-air Jacuzzi. The chic lamps in this relaxing lounge space are Muffins floor lamps by Dan Yeffet for Brokis.

Inside the master bedroom, an upholstered bed establishes a light grey decor palette. An X-frame bedroom chair and modern bedside tables tie in with the modern monochrome scheme.

The master bedroom has its own terrace with all-around breathtaking views.

The master bedroom suite also boasts a huge walk in wardrobe with a sleek storage system and a custom cut floor-to-ceiling dressing mirror.

The master ensuite bathroom is a spacious design with a double sink bathroom vanity. A freestanding bathtub is positioned in front of the sun-drenched landscape.

The lower level of the home has three more bedrooms, each with access to another terrace space, and each with their own ensuite bathroom.

An alfresco dining area makes the most of Mallorca’s glorious weather.

The large outdoor living area stretches out toward an infinity pool, making this an ideal arrangement for hours of relaxing or socialising even in hot temperatures.

A glass panelled walkway connects the two terraces on either side of the living room volume.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up by the edge of the rectangular pool design.

An L-shaped outdoor sofa pulls around the boundary of the exterior lounge space.

A combination of outdoor coffee tables fills the centre of the outdoor lounge, perched upon a woven outdoor area rug.

Outdoor ottomans lay down a muted green accent that complements the lush tree-filled backdrop. Outdoor comforts provide for relaxing days of watching the sea, boats and beach life.

An off-street driveway with parking for three cars is discreetly located below the house, with direct access to the entrance lobby and a lift to all floors. A roof terrace crowns the top of the property.

Plush outdoor sofas look out over dreamy open sea vistas to the Cap Andritxol headland, which twinkles with lights come nightfall.

The home’s amazing location is unbeatable in the southwest.

Located within five minutes drive of Puerto Andratx the home is within easy reach of bars, restaurants, shopping, boutiques and the yacht club. Palma is only 20 minutes away, with Palma’s International Airport reachable within 25 minutes.

Camp de Mar itself has the 18 hole Golf de Andratx course, its own array of excellent restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as beautiful beaches with water sports.

Upper level floor plan with main living space, plus large terraces with outdoor living areas and infinity pool.

Lower level floor plan with master bedroom suite and three more bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms and attached terraces.

Roof terrace.

Check out the stunning home tour video:

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Entrancing Textural Home Interior With Stylish Outdoor Living Areas Wed, 04 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Entrancing textural decor brings this modern home to life for a large family, located near Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by Trush Design, the 750 square metre house features a collectable Ferrari that is displayed in the living room from within a glass wall garage. The interior is a chic array of comfortable modern furniture and huge pieces of eye-catching art. A combination of deeply textured stone and burnished metal brings brutalist moments to the cosy decor scheme, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of materials. Unique pendant lights and a plethora of perimeter lights make up an atmospheric glow after dark. Terraces are styled to match with mood lighting, modish lounge furniture and sculptural elements.

Visualizer: Ira Kulyk  

The impressive modern home exterior communicates a sharp, linear aesthetic against the green landscape. A lush lawn rolls from a decorative modern pool by the terrace, to the edge of a picturesque lake. Mature trees sway in the breeze, creating a soundtrack of restful rustling leaves around the house.

Linear stepping stones cross the man-made reflection pool that runs along the front of the outdoor living space. The Spun chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis dots small sculptural moments along its grassy edge.

There is a dreamy hammock space set up at one end of the sheltered terrace, where the home owners can read or snooze under a blanket in the cool shade. The glass wall garage brings a glimpse of the homeowner’s collectable Ferrari to the outdoor living room, which is sharply outlined with LED ribbons.

A massive modern sculpture stands on a platform within the boundary of the pool. Its hammered metal finish playfully reflects the sunlight just like the rippling waters below.

A sculptural wall light glows behind the outdoor sofa, where it highlights formwork concrete and slatted panel walls.

Living spaces surround the terrace on two sides, creating a courtyard design.

A lounge area juts out across the plot toward the spectacular lakeside vista. A modern fireplace makes the spot feel cosy and welcoming.

An outdoor kitchen features a state of the art grill.

Huge boulders nestle up against the front of the house, bedded within a naturalistic groundcover. The organic forms spectacularly contradict the building’s flat modernity, and the sleek Ferrari that can be glimpsed through the glass in the facade.

In the main living room, sections of a plush dark grey modern sofa are arranged into a large L-shaped formation with side tables neatly inserted between.

Square coffee tables gleam under a burnished metal finish.

A fabulous arched floor lamp interacts with a looped ceiling light across the dining area.

A contemporary fireplace flickers underneath the TV mount, which is suspended from the ceiling. Modern wall lights burn brightly along the hallway behind it.

Unique directional pendant lights softly illuminate the glass wall garage and its showpiece.

Rough rock walls make a deeply contrasting frame around the sleek lines of the collectable car.

Another large bronze sculpture is displayed within the home, close by the view of the huge outdoor version.

Boards of wooden flooring artfully interrupt the concrete screed.

The long formal dining table seats 12 diners, a must for the large a family,

Upstairs, there is a comfortable terrace with a stylish modular sofa. Built-in planters provide a brush of tranquil greenery.

Glass balustrades leave the beautiful panorama unobstructed.

A modern painting brings a blast of blue to the formwork walls.

Pebble-like stools sit in observation of the artwork.

LED ribbons thread light along the hallway.

The kitchen is a crisp contemporary line of travertine and metal.

Mood lighting brings the luxurious kitchen to life.

The designers packed the entire layout with edge lighting to instil a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

A mini inner garden grows a bonsai tree by the staircase.

In the bedroom, an illuminated art installation makes up a striking headboard wall.

The large wall art spans the width of a modern upholstered bed and a unique bedside table with a designer table lamp.

A floating vanity table runs off the wall of wardrobes. A frameless custom cut mirror makes the small vanity area feel much larger and lighter.

This dramatic grey bedroom is textured with ridged rock wall panels, which are spotlighted under a modern floor lamp and warm perimeter lights.

A freeform bedroom rug edges out from under the upholstered bed.

The sculptural bedroom chair is the Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia.

A luxurious square bathtub is sunken into a deep platform with steps leading up to it. Wide windows open the bathing area up to spectacular lakeside views.

A wall hung grey toilet and bidet set are situated within the screened shower area. A recessed shelving unit stores toiletries and rolled towels.

Subtle mood lighting creates a relaxing shower ambiance.

Freeform wall mirrors form an artistic trio over the basin. Bronze wall panels hug the edges of the contemporary bathroom vanity.

In the powder room, a rock face feature wall boldly backs the bathroom vanity area.

A black toilet and flush plate quietly camouflage against a shadowy black cistern concealment wall. Stem bathroom vanity lights descend upon the modern stone basin and countertop. A bespoke horizontal mirror cleanly cuts across the rugged backsplash. See more inspiration for vanity mirrors here.

The final bathroom on the property takes on a much lighter decor aesthetic, with all-white sanitaryware and pale concrete walls.

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51 Bedroom Rugs That Will Brighten Your Mornings Tue, 03 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Bedroom rugs drastically increase the cosy factor and create an opportunity for added colour, pattern and texture. A quality bedroom rug will soften the look, sound and sensation underfoot. This collection of 51 bedroom rugs is sure to provide inspiration for a piece that will brighten your morning, from unique modern freeform rugs to fluffy bedroom rugs that will make you want to curl up right there on the floor! We’ll look at contemporary bedroom rugs that will bring character to a bedroom lounge area, cheer up a bedroom workspace, run a line of comfort alongside your bed or spread out a large statement beneath.

$1467BUY IT

Geometric Moroccan Style Bedroom Rug: Kaleidoscopic geometric pattern covers this jacquard-woven embossed rug, which is inspired by the ceramic mosaics that are typically found in Moroccan hammams. Made from multicoloured vintage-look yarns, this bold piece will add a burst of character to a tame bedroom scheme or perfectly complement an eclectic arrangement.

$1467BUY IT

Geometric Moroccan Style Bedroom Rug: Add art to your floor with this uniquely framed bedroom area rug. Claudia Valsells is a visual artist who experiments with the relationship between colour and form in her murals and, like much of her art, the Edges Rug calls colourful attention to its borders. Ideal for uplifting minimalist schemes with a pop of colour.

$458BUY IT

Striped Jute Rug: Tranquil, textural and reversible, this toxin-free plant-based rug is handwoven by master artisans from sustainably harvested jute. The flat-pile design carries a modern striped design that will add a buoyant moment of pattern to a bedroom of natural neutrals.


Jute World Rug: For the little ones, this sustainable round jute rug portrays a map of the globe. Placed in the centre of a child’s room, this would make a wonderful playmat for animal figurines, or peep it out from underneath the bed for a durable, natural accent.

$280BUY IT

Turquoise Ombre Area Rug: Ombre colour transitions from a bright and eye-catching shade of turquoise to a crisp white finish across this hand-tufted rug, giving you the best of both worlds. Style your bedroom with airy white walls, drapes and furniture, and pull in turquoise accents to complete the colour story.

$178BUY IT

White Faux Sheepskin Rug: Shaped like a hide rug but made from cruelty-free modern-made materials, this faux sheepskin rug builds beautiful boho vibes in the bedroom or soft and snuggly sensory input for baby in the nursery.

$478BUY IT

Spotty Shaggy Rug: Modern and fun, this spotty shaggy rug will throw a random confetti pattern across your bedroom floor. Made from plush woolly pile, no two of these rugs are exactly alike.

$150BUY IT

Blue Abstract Modern Area Rug: This transitional area rug blends together fashionable contemporary trends with traditional oriental rug elegance to produce a tonal blue statement piece. Its medium pile slides easily under bedroom furniture, whilst its firmness resists slipping.


Navy Blue Circle Rug: Pop in a spot of colour by the bed, or carve out a cosy bedroom reading nook with this vivid blue high-pile rug with non-slip rubber backing. Its furry texture feels super soft underfoot.


Bohemian Mandala Hand Woven Cotton Circle Rug: Distinctive and oh-so beautifully boho, this tightly woven blue and white mandala printed cotton area rug is durable for high-traffic areas with absolutely no shedding. A cute tasselled edge gives the piece a vintage essence.

$260BUY IT

Retro Yellow Bedroom Area Rug: Bold yellow pattern play shapes a retro inspired area rug that will fill any bedroom with sunshine, even on the greyest of days. A crowd-pleaser for every generation of the family.

$275BUY IT

Yellow Ombre Area Rug: If you like your yellow accents a little more on the subtle side, this modern ombre area rug offers a soft melt of yellow and soothing grey accents. This hand-tufted bedroom rug is also available in a yellow to deep blue alternative.


White Fluffy Bedroom Rug: Fashion an ethereal cloud-like bedroom aesthetic with this super soft white shaggy rug. Non-slip plastic spots on the bottom prevent this fluffy cloud rug from drifting away.

$215BUY IT

Green Chevron Area Rug: Fresh and fashionable, this chevron rug design will bring a relaxed vibe to your space. Its multicolour weave makes this a versatile piece that will blend easily with other accents in the bedroom, and it’s also available with a base shade of light grey, indigo or magenta too.


Cute Whale Nursery Rug: Thicker than your average kids’ rug, this soft faux wool piece is comfortable, skin-friendly, non-fading, wear-resistant and anti-skid. It also has a super cute whale design within crisp constructed edging.

$195BUY IT

Blue Starfish And Stripes Nautical Area Rug: Starfish and stripes make a fun coastal pattern on this navy blue nautical area rug. An apt addition for a seaside home – or for those who dream of drifting off by the ocean.

$5800BUY IT

Freeform Abstract Bedroom Rug: This high-end, laboriously hand-knotted bedroom rug lays down a freeform design that references Russian Suprematism and the Bauhaus. Give this fabulous piece the attention it deserves on a gloss gallery white floor or smooth grey microcement.

$458BUY IT

Pink and Grey Bedroom Rug: Featuring a detailed pink and grey medallion design, this beautiful bedroom rug is ethically made entirely by hand in India by certified artisans. Crafted from soft 100% New Zealand wool and a recycled cotton backing, this piece is durable enough for high-traffic areas.

$558BUY IT

Black and White Bedroom Area Rug: Daring black linework creates an intriguing contoured look across this handmade bedroom rug. A predominantly wool and partially viscose blend gives this detailed piece a super soft, smooth and silky appeal for a hint of modern glamour.


Ultra Soft Faux Fur Throw Rug: Imagine swinging your feet out of the bed and landing into this sumptuous fluffy faux sheepskin area rug. The high-quality artificial animal wool feels luxurious to the touch and looks uber glamorous under its soft, natural colourway. You can also use this rug as a throw to cosy up a bedroom chair or an end of bed bench.

$3380BUY IT

Navy Blue Bedroom Runner Rug: Give your bedroom a flash of original style with this extraordinary runner rug, which is crafted from 100% virgin wool. The large runner makes a patchwork pathway of bohemian beauty that’s available in three multicoloured options.

$478BUY IT

Modern Abstract Patterned Rug: Style your bedside with a modern abstract pattern that breaks free of its boundaries. This fashion-forward piece is made entirely by hand from banana silk fibres, which give the rug a contemporary silky look.


Black and White Stripe Fluffy Rug: Fluffy black and white stripes give this bedroom rug a classic appeal with a wonderfully warm and textural feel. 5 feet x 8 feet of soft faux fur makes this Ideal for master suits and kids rooms alike.


Swiss Cross Rectangular Rug: A high-pile, hand-tufted construction gives this polyester area rug its natural charm. A modish black and white Swiss cross design makes the rug a simple yet captivating focal point that blends easily into any bedroom colour scheme.


Baseball Lace Sports Rug: A one for sports lovers, both young and old, this baseball lace rug design is printed onto a soft touch polyester non-woven fabric with a sponge base, which are wear-resistant and non-slip.


Kids Roadmap Car Playmat: Bring playtimes to life with this large 60 inch x 32 inch roadmap rug, where little ones can race cars, run truck deliveries, arrange construction toys, and dash emergency services vehicles around their very own city. You’ll find colourful illustrations of schools, hospitals, parks, airports and everything you’d expect to see on the road, from traffic lights to parking spaces.

$279BUY IT

Safari Leopard Tufted Rug: A companion for your child’s wild adventures, this soft, tufted leopard rug can be strewn across bedroom play areas, become a nap time friend by the bed, or it can even be displayed up on the wall to give the space a playful safari ambiance.


Kids Animal Round Area Rug: Another one for the wild at heart, this round lion rug is made from premium polyester, cotton and microfiber, so it’s comfortable and skin-friendly for kids. The rug measures 31.5 inches in diameter, and has a non-slip bottom to keep it stable when kids walk or crawl across it.

$2435BUY IT

Modern Geometric Bedroom Rug: Designed by the iconic modernist textile designer, Alexander Girard, this rug features a striking pattern of geometric step shapes against a contrasting background. This interesting rug design is handmade from cotton using the dhurrie technique to produce a flat weave.


Kids Spiderman Rug: KIds, comic book enthusiasts and movie fans alike will appreciate this authentic Marvel Spiderman rug. A scaled-up depiction of a Spiderman comic book cover is digitally printed in vibrant colours to bring an exciting slice of the action to the bedroom floor.


Multicoloured Round Wool Area Rug: Inspired by abstract oil painting, this 3 feet round rug really is a piece of art for the floor. Printed with a wonderful multicoloured graphic, this unique rug adds a contemporary edge to the bedside. A viscose and polyester blend makes the artistic piece luxe to the touch.

$309BUY IT

Woolly Diamonds Jute Area Rug: Take textural accents to the next level with this fabulous jute & wool diamond motif rug. The handwoven bohemian design features a flat weave natural base with a raised fluffy section down the centre. Layer up with Moroccan poufs, floor pillows and a decorative screen.


Geometric Furry Rug: Combining a sharp geometric modern aesthetic with the super soft feel of furry velvet, this silky smooth contemporary rug has a thick sponge interlayer to block the chill from the floor.

$132BUY IT

Grey Shaggy Area Rug: Minimalist and modern, this incredibly fluffy bedroom area rug has been put through a tie-dyeing process that means the carpet can be washed dozens of times without fading. The shaggy medium has a thickening sponge interlayer to add warmth and comfort, and it comes in nine different colours.

$172BUY IT

Baby Pink Soft Area Rug: Pretty in pink and cosy in high pile, this durable 100% polyester machine-woven shag rug is easy to clean and pet-friendly, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like kids rooms. Also available in silver and snow white.

$100BUY IT

Colourful Handprint Area Rug: You might not want handprints on your walls but we must admit they make a pretty cool floor covering. Fun and brightly multicoloured, this playful rug design is also sleek and functional for placement underneath furniture and near doorways.


Pink And White Heart Shag Area Rug: Soft and sweet, this luxurious fluffy shag rug is bursting with pastel pink hearts. In pale bedroom schemes, this loveable piece is like a cosy hug that brings warmth, charming pattern and a show of affectionate personality.


Owl Memory Foam Bedroom Rug: An engaging colour palette paints this beautifully artistic owl rug with a combined floral theme. The middle layer of the rug is high-density memory foam to blissfully relieve pressure under the feet.

$1180BUY IT

Tapestry Style Felted Floral Rug: This modern pixel-like floral rug design is created using a classical technique of interwoven threads of wool across a perforated felt base. The design carries a similar characteristic to impressionist art, whereby the piece gains clarity from a step or two back.

$151BUY IT

White Carved Shag Area Rug: This textured polypropylene shag rug carries exquisite geometric detail and relaxed tasselled edges, making it a perfect piece for a transitional decor scheme. Easy to clean, this durable rug is ideal for any age and pet status. Also available in blue.


Kids Round Rainbow Rug: Mermaid filled waters and princess castles in the sky can all be played out on this dreamy round rainbow rug. The fuzzy shag is coloured using a randomly distributed dyeing process to create a festive pattern, and finished with a non-slip grip dots backing.


Kids Soft Hopscotch Rug: Get kids jumping, hopping, balancing and learning their basic numbers of 1 through 9 with an educational hopscotch rug. This one is comfortably thicker than most, made with high-quality cotton and microfiber.

$260BUY IT

Multicoloured Raindrop Pattern Rug: Rain a cascade of colour onto your bedroom floor with this lively raindrop pattern rug. The bold design is crisp and modern with hints of retro panache, making this a cool piece for a mid-century modern inspired space or a Scandi scheme.


Pink And Blue Floral Area Rug: Vibrant magenta, pink, and blue florals bring this bold feminine focal piece to life against a modern grey and white background. Serged edges give this machine-woven polypropylene carpet a clean finish.

$2695BUY IT

Indigo Modern Area Rug: High-contrast broken parallel lines give this modern bedroom area rug a strong presence. Created by British furniture designer Matthew Hilton, this standout piece is hand-spun Afghan wool, dyed with natural indigo.

$2300BUY IT

Quill Large Rug : This organically shaped piece is inspired by the intricacies of a feather. The details are drawn by hand, making each piece completely unique, just like in nature. This perfectly imperfect piece would lay subtly within a wabi-sabi setting and can be grouped with other pieces from the collection to form stunning combinations.

$150BUY IT

Abstract Red Area Rug: Cover bedroom floors with an abstract dash of rich colour with this ruby red and grey accent rug. Soft polypropylene fibres give the contemporary carpet a comfortable feel that’s also durable. This range comes in five different colourways and six different sizes.

$260BUY IT

Cute Cherry Rug: This cute fruity print is cherry-picked for a cheerful bedroom scheme. Place by the bed for an early morning pick-me-up, or use it to jolly up a bedroom workspace. This hand-loomed flat-weave is 100% wool and 100% adorable.

$245BUY IT

Tropical Botanical Washable Area Rug: Not only are we obsessed with the bright colour and vibrant energy of this tropical botanical rug design, but we love that it can be easily thrown in the washing machine and requires no separate backing mat thanks to an integrated non-slip base. Win, win, win.

$390BUY IT

Black and White Retro Checker Tiles Area Rug: It’s cool, it’s casual, it would look great in a teens bedroom and fabulous in a master suite. Made from 100% wool, this hand-tufted, black and white checker design carries a retro flavour that wows across the board.

$198BUY IT

Green Printed Persian Vintage Area Rug: Classy, chic and saturated with bold colour, this green vintage Persian style rug is adaptable to both traditional glamour and modern boho bedroom designs. Team this luxurious floor covering with reflective metal accents and rich natural wood tone.

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A Luxurious Terraced Villa With Pool In The Mediterranean [Video] Mon, 02 Aug 2021 14:45:00 +0000 Linear concrete volumes build this sleek and luxurious 1,260 square metre home design, located in Son Vida, Palma, Spain. Created by Osvaldo Luppi Architects, the deluxe villa features extensive terraces, which include a large outdoor swimming pool to enjoy under the Mediterranean sun. Outdoor living areas make the most of long days and warm nights on the south-facing multi-level terraces, which are stepped to follow the topography of the hillside. Walls of glass retract to adjoin the exterior with interior volumes, where clean white & grey walls and golden wood tone meld in marvellous spaces. Be sure to check out the walkthrough video of this spectacular Mediterranean villa at the end of the tour.

The modern facade slices crisply into the rolling hillside of this sought after residential area, which is referred to locally as the ‘Beverly HIlls of Mallorca’.

In this elevated position, Villa Marola boasts fabulous views over the capital city of Palma and the surrounding countryside.

The luxury house exterior comes alive at night, issuing great lengths of light from its glass fronted volume.

Inside the luxurious property, clean white & pale grey walls colour a fresh feel, whilst golden wood tone adds a mellow warmth.

The living room is an airy space with a simple yet stylish composition of modern lounge furniture. An L-shaped sofa gently hugs the perimeter of a rounded rectangle coffee table, opposite a couple of swivel armchairs. A modern fireplace and log store cuts darkly into the back wall, setting a stripe of contrast against the matt white paintwork.

The contemporary tufted sofa and chic lounge chairs pale into insignificance against the spellbinding view of Palma. Retractable glass walls let in the blissful breeze.

At night, the surrounding hills twinkle magically with the lights of the capital city. Inside, recessed spotlights distribute an even glow, whilst perimeter LEDs highlight the texture of a wood slatted TV feature wall.

Great wooden columns separate the lounge space from the dining area. Two modern dining room chandeliers hang low over a luxe white marble dining table and stylish upholstered dining chairs.

Built-in units float a few inches above the floor tile to maintain the perception of open space in the clean layout. A planter is bedded into the top to create a run of greenery through the dining room, all the way to the fireplace in the lounge.

Another bed of plants is cut right into the floor of the hallway, which creates a sense connection with the green hillside location. Textured concrete ripples a cool backdrop, whilst wood wall cladding offers a counteracting smooth finish and warmth.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up poolside, introducing a pastel pink accent that playfully contrasts with the cool blue pool.

The rectangular pool shimmers across the front of the interior lounge and dining space, whilst the outdoor lounge aligns with the kitchen.

A modern outdoor sofa is positioned for comfortably taking in the views.

A huge white marble and wood grain kitchen island faces toward the wide pool terrace and the sweeping panorama. Unique kitchen pendant lights fall at varying heights to create a sculptural installation of lustrous copper.

The luxurious white marble and wooden finishes continue across the back wall of the kitchen, where a deeply recessed planter is built into the backsplash to simulate a mini landscape view in the windowless wall.

A sculptural staircase design connects all three levels of the villa, rising from the access area at the base of the property, through the main living level and up to the private bedrooms.

Solid wood balustrades carve out a rise of asymmetrical geometry.

Wood slatted feature walls bring texture to the stairwell, which is exaggerated under concealed LED ribbons.

Upstairs, a master suite and three bedrooms each have their own ensuite bathroom and balcony area. The door to the ensuite and closets are camouflaged within a wall of smooth wood panelling in the master. A glass balustrade allows the majestic hillside views to be enjoyed from an outdoor chair, from the cushioned end of bed bench, or when enjoying breakfast in bed.

A generously sized double sink bathroom vanity sweeps along one whole wall of the large master bathroom.

A built-in bathtub fills the adjacent wall, positioned perfectly for gazing out at the vista.

Floor vases fashion a pretty moment in a blank hallway.

The property also has an indoor pool down on the access level.

The long driveway that leads up to the home enters the shade of a carport before turning into the garage.

A skylight fills the deep cover with natural light.

Plant beds grow a welcoming entryway.

The restricted palette of materials enhances continuity between interior and exterior areas.

Public floor plan with social living areas, including the main sun terrace, swimming pool, and the outdoor living room. We can also see the long and dramatic driveway approach to the property here. A tall outdoor staircase provides a pedestrian entrance.

On the access floor plan, we can see where the car parking garage is bedded beneath the main living room, and where the indoor swimming pool is situated beneath the sun deck.

The private floor plan illustrates the layout of the master bedroom suite with large ensuite bathroom and private terrace. We can also observe the even distribution of space between the remaining three bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, and terraces.

3D perspective drawing.

Check out the home tour video:

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